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  • Gary Hunter

My Theory - July 12, 2020

Every emotion hides a worm hole

connected to its opposite

take this example

your ecstatic about winning the lottery

then as family and friends follow you

around the yard of your new mansion

hounding you for donations it was either

a small tuft of grass or an innocent

bunch of leaves you stepped on that

hid the feeder lane to a winding expressway

and before you know it you are exiting

and see the sign Town of Misery

or this one

divorced 5 years lonely and miserable

and looking the part recently fired

blood shot eyes needing a shave and

change of clothes one morning at the

park love pops out of a wooded gap

and beelines straight for your bench

this perfection agrees to dinner that night

you shower and while rinsing the

razor you wipe the mirror and

can only think of one thing

How the #%?X is this even happening?


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