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  • Gary Hunter

Silly Thoughts - Sept. 10, 2023

that ramble on

and overrun the line

are signs of a dull contentment

a condition of not wanting anything

with all needs check-listed so the page

eventually dead ends in a white field

and the pen stops

guilty of this disorder I know I must search

for something that bugs me an emotion must bleed

from an arrow a thought must have enough kindling

and spark to catch on fire which can only be extinguished

with words but the day is too beautiful and I’m not moved

to write about that, it would simple be about the gorgeous sun

an excellent dessert that at some point you’d put down your fork

which doesn’t stop the trees from nodding in the soft breeze

or the shadows from stretching as the sun splits the waterfall

into liquid glass or me quite ready to close the notebook on today

I’m more fortunate than many but challenged as a poet or maybe

it’s simply a day to be and stay happy. indulge in big bites of it

bask in it, swim in it, drown in it. forget healing lyrics or building

that bonfire of crafty phrases. today it seems like nothing will happen

and yet happen it does


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