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  • Gary Hunter

When Men Cry - Jan. 24, 2023

when men bake

when men clean

when men shop and change diapers

would all be poems

that would have changed

over the history of man

but not crying

women can glisten an eyeball

leak a tear over an eyelid

or squeeze out the lightest drizzle

they seem to turn the dial

like a controller of grass sprinklers

set the proper amount for that emotion

while men are likely to thunderstorm

wait till their clouds are too dark

too heavy before they burst

with sound and violence

here in the desert

storm clouds that climb the mountains

often reach the valley floor

with a whimper of rain

the ones that bulldoze over them

are deluges long soakers

just like weeping men

who always find

the cracks in the roofs

of other men

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