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  • Gary Hunter

When the Oven Dances with the Icemaker - July 30, 2023

I imagine it’s cooler up there

in the wake of that red-tailed hawk

even cooler higher where

vultures wheel in perfect orbits

here on the desert floor

everything tosses you their heat

more than a giveaway they

insist take it - we don’t want it

walls sidewalks the wind

the sand even the shade whispers

come on in – I’ve got something for you

ha another sultry gift

so we run inside to cool down

even further into our memories

a spring of jacketed mornings

pool water that tingles the skin

a rising sun to help the hot

coffee warm chilly fingers

at twilight we come out

to watch the bats bank

feel the aerial turn

of the temperature

as darkness slowly sweeps away

the heat of the day

we can only sigh

at the shimmering stars

burning holes in the night


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