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  • Gary Hunter

A Dying Rhyme - Dec. 21, 2020

when you’re well past gray

here’s something to read

even well past white

and ready to leave

something smooth, something flawless

the trip that never ends

as the boat we miss most

bends round another bend

so here is a poem

others can also read

the young and not too smart

the wild playing so free

for who is not so old

that can’t find their young

or get lost in time

when time’s yet begun

we can’t stay forever

leaving is what we do

in turn we turn and find

a road to something new

we can’t change our coming

nor the moves of our going

for what hangs mysterious

is the sacred all-knowing

there is always smarter

we think we need to be

but fools born everyday

turn genius on their knees

is today sombody’s turn?

maybe yours maybe mine

for life doesn't take risks

like love does all the time


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