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  • Gary Hunter

Crane on Ford - March 17, 2023

if that means nothing to you

go ahead turn the page

or stay and hear about toilets

and one old brand

stamped on the porcelain

Crane on Ford

back then i spent endless

restroom moments thinking

it had to do with somebody

named Crane and a car company

perhaps a secret relationship

or some peculiar joint venture

too weird to be a brand

it had to be a puzzle

a riddle with hidden meaning

imprinted on smooth ceramic

over and over in every

stall in every bathroom

Crane on Ford

when I google it

only Crane comes up

still a plumbing company

but Ford? No mas!

Nowadays American Standard and Kohler

Only get a cursory glance

as I make the flush quick

and the zipping even quicker

no longer watching

for conspiratorial clues

to circle around the bowl

and disappear down the hole

Crane on Ford


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