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  • Gary Hunter

Dinner in Silence - Aug. 16, 2023

tonight he makes the salad

lettuce tomato cucumber onion

always a quietly cutup creation

I set the table

forks land softly on cloth napkins

glasses muffle on wicker mats

a whole day apart and what I notice

is the frig door opening and closing

that suck and splat of the rubber seal

even louder the microwave

as it groans for three minutes


perhaps the tv news isn’t on

a great source of clamor and racket

unusual this stillness no word spoken

I was wrong tv’s been on

so now we sit quietly

chew and swallow and chew

and every noise from the large screen

guess my curiosity around our

mutual hush won’t get addressed

how can you listen to each other

when someone else

is doing all the talking?


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