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  • Gary Hunter

Ever been to a Misery Party? Sept. 22, 2021

I’ll be attending my first

it’s one of those bashes

some people throw to celebrate

their undeniable wretchedness

where they tap into their barrels

of fermented pity and serve

round after round till

every good feeling drowns

take a bowl of dip scooped

from the muck of their desolation

and lay it inside a pile of stale crackers

and broken pretzels

then dressed in sweats microphone in hand

stand and wail while we dance to dungeon music

I’ve heard a giggle is supposed to slip from someone

which can build to more chuckles snickers then howling

it’s when snot and tears gush as we squirm

hysterically on the floor that the plan is for the

host to stop singing recognize what’s going on

and leap onto our pile of absurd and silly freedom


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