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  • Gary Hunter

God's Evening Entertainment - Oct. 12, 2021

suitcases of a life heavy

in his hands shoes split and

heal-worn a nervous man

rides the afternoon rails

overcoat collared tightly

he checks the schedule

for the final stop today

the timing feels ominous

some stations warm and

welcoming others dark

and scary the last exit

throws a new shadow

a stranger crosses the platform

the whispers force his wide-eyed

reaction juicy clue? warning?

misdirected line in a puff of steam?

God splashes something from a

a favorite bottle into an iced tumbler

leans forward to catch a pillow of

clouds trapping a full moon squeezing

hope from the man’s eyes what now?

a prayer for wings? a locked door to open?

some falling star to catch and not look back?


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