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  • Gary Hunter

Hurricane Hillary

To all those that have sandbagged and cleared drains. bought water and filled their cars withgas and now sit idly looking out, do you ponder your life as you wait? Before the moist monster arrives to level the village, do you huddle in silence and contemplate

the roof you hope has been repaired

the simple joy of sunny days

your personal rains of good fortune

even the beauty of white cloud drift

and the spectacle of them at sunset

or go back even farther

rewind beautiful moments

with and without loved ones

see the not-so-bad life you’ve had

how you’ll do better once this is over

how you’ll change slow down

be kinder live in quiet gratitude

appreciate every little thing

But the angriest freight train of rain that you’ve ever seen hits, and you grab all these good thoughts, wad them up and throw them outside, step into your cave, roll the boulder in place, leaving just one fearful little crack. The one we all watch through as our mulled memories, our prayers, and pitiful begging are swept away.


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