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  • Gary Hunter

Marta Frankel (1921-2017) - Sept. 23, 2021

A Life to remember A Death to forget

your smile stretches the chiseler double-checks

your eyes sparkle before sketching chiseling

I’m at your front door the letters and numbers

in afternoon’s limelight the bobcat lifts

we sit and chat the casket sways

Amber’s there dirt everywhere

closet cleaning a box of spores of moss

pictures you at the lake discover the

Bill wine toasting headstone’s grooves

a month later someone your marker settles

mentions you your leans its green script

accent tickles my thoughts towards the green earth

time and time again winters go by

I think of calling you followed by spring rains

the Dodgers just won weeds hide the story

one day I try to who will think of you

picture your red hair in 50 or 100 years

say your phone number 500 1000 years

time encrypts life

it stays a mystery

forever untranslatable

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