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  • Gary Hunter

Myles with a "y" - March 13, 2023

when you meet him

he emphasizes that letter like

it should come with a big fat accent

perhaps capitalized or in italics

or even bullied between parenthesis

to not confuse him with the “i” version

the long distance of the endless road

the tired flight of a homing pigeon

or the conversational length

you think you need to get

to know him

for in 3 kind words or a spicy joke

you’ll start to notice

the reason for the “y”

why this short bald man

with a gentle heart

quickly turns lovable

why you’ll smile

when you never intended to

why you’ll laugh

not just at the funny story

but for the commitment

of his eyes voice and hands

to the spectacle of the telling

and why he introduces himself

with an outstretched hand

and flings that “y” at you

to warn you

he’s a name to be reckoned with


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