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  • Gary Hunter

Our Poor Flag - Feb. 5, 2023

guess I need to buy a flag

that can only be raised

half-mast one that comes

doubled-knotted mid rope

or maybe a half flag

I can pull up full mast

perhaps it should have

50 bullets instead of stars

and shape it AR style

we could shade the white stripes

more gunpowder gray

mix more black into the blue ones

for this new frequency of mourning

and is red still the color of victory?

the rocket’s red glare

or is it our own blood

bursting into the air?

how about a trial separation

tear that American sheet in half

fly one high the other low

one to symbolize the armed

the other for open arms

and see if time or anything

might pull us back together

at least close enough

to stop shooting

at each other’s pursuit

of happiness


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