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  • Gary Hunter

Poems about Poems - Jan. 21, 2023

will a heart surgeon at a party

keep an audience if he

crows about the amazing details

of the double-chambered heartbeat?

or would an astronomer turn

his starry-eyed spectators into

glass-eyed zombies if he waxes lovingly

about heaven’s balls of gas?

and does a poem about the act

of poetry pull a listener any closer

to the magical birth of word’s

than the delivery itself?

if I’m eating a good burger with fries

and the cook is hovering over me

spouting ingredients or flipping

technique I’d probably listen awhile

then tell him I need more ketchup

right now because his marvelous fries

are starting to turn too cold to enjoy

so it seems I have my answer

but learning the lesson

is a whole other matter

for probably another poem


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