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  • Gary Hunter

Savvy Poets - July 6, 2021

the crafty ones use every

experience as paint for portraits

of beauty or the human condition

for example

they would take a visit

to the ER with a locked jaw

as an opportunity to explore

speechlessness or when trying

to speak, the world of unformed words

open-mouthed, tongue wagging

and drool dripping or what really

wants to be said by wild eyes and

shivers at midnight from a hospital bed

maybe to show our vulnerability

to the unpredictable the desire

to be understood the ways

in which we run from pain

or even the actions of that

desperate need – to be loved

but no not me

I think some memories should be dragged away

and buried forever

and no I don’t want to go out for lunch

and chew on how I came to that conclusion


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