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  • Gary Hunter

Soldiers and Snipers - Jan. 29, 2022

vaccinated boosted well-

distanced responsibly masked

so it wasn’t my fault

the physician’s assistant

had the snivels that day

he scoped my nose and ears

felt the throat and proclaimed me

healthy for a retired breeder

if word spreads that gregarious Gary

is now victim of the scourge

he’ll be the neighborhood pariah

have a red X painted on his front door

cross with the dogs to the other side

of the street and still endure poisonous

whispers and trespassing eyes

tone down the swagger in his walk

wear religiously the Christian version

of a burka - the N95 - also a freeway

you should avoid driving alone at rush

hour or during freaky snowstorms

well one consolation I’ve thought

about if I am found out

lonely roads don’t have much traffic


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