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  • Gary Hunter

Someone you’ll probably Forget to Thank - Dec. 30, 2021

Thanksgiving again the time for bloated bellies to test their flexibility family and friends to gather and serve up gratitude for another year of each other but saving the best for dessert to the indigenous folks the irony of this holiday will never be lost like their lands culture home lives and freedom were the other day they interviewed a native American who looked directly into the camera and said Your Welcome! with arrows pouring out his eyes

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You can Always Tell - Dec. 31, 2021

when a plant is happy there’s a bright green face that looks up at the sun Me? I smile at that sun too but more often in the direction of the one that shines inside me

Miss that Hedgerow - Dec. 29, 2021

that sliver of untrimmed trees and bloated bushes splitting the Johnson and Mistretta yards it held a path generations of little feet had worn when I entered it one day my favorite tunnel of green and


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