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  • Gary Hunter

Something's Loose in the World - Nov. 11, 2023

what light reveals shadows hide where one speaks plainly the other keeps secrets if one is clear the other questionable when each offsets the other the world wobbles in balance they’re planning something I can feel it I saw a shadow of darkness

hiding in the light


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Cycles of Seven - Nov. 30, 2023

my life has become . . . well imagine a horse retired from the racetrack Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays bring the best feed with carrots added on Tuesdays and apples on Thursdays I get to walk every

haiku - Nov. 28, 2023

you know that season when the heater first kicks on the burning dust smell

The Afternoon Nap - Nov. 27, 2023

sleep like a baby wake up and you’re five get up and you’re seventy-five still in the gentle breath eyelids softly pressed are the unspoiled sounds of infancy and the small slide back to innocence


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