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  • Gary Hunter

Spark and Ruin-A Fitness Tale - Sept. 8, 2021

spark and ruin – a fitness tale

she swings off the leg press turquoise tennies

blurred in movement hips snap back and forth

in alternate freedom arms abandon gravity

the thrill of a race

at the lat pull-down

a stiff-armed wave of the bar moves between

her pink spandex thighs and shoulders as the

weights sing along the metal guide and clack

at the end of each movement.

I slide onto a steel creature

its stack of gloomy weights

sit perfectly cruel waiting

on the dip apparatus her legs sky

then pendulum down in rapid succession

blond ponytail flips and bounces

she quickly whips through a set of sit-ups

wires from her ear buds switch across

her face finished she grabs her towel

dashes out the front door

I weakly smile at her leaving

shuffle to find a treadmill

a scooter screams by the window

golden curls the wind twists

under a bright green helmet

I climb onto the last available machine

a roar out of the parking lot

into the cool glint of sunrise

I see the sign placed over its display



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