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  • Gary Hunter

Squirrels, Beards and a New Life - Nov. 21, 2022

here in the desert

squirrels don’t swing from trees

they dig holes

and hide under rocks

just like I tried to do

as a young shy


mirror-hating kid

when I was old enough

to grow a spotty beard

I discovered that mask

a convenient place to hide

a curly-haired corn field

excellent at cloaking the

movements of feeling

shamelessly wrinkled now

too big to crawl under boulders

and too tired and uncaring to try

I shave and run out

of the house each morning

engaging with everyone

I find most carry

a change purse of love

that holds a few coins

and what fun it is to stop

and swap ten cents

for two of their nickels

then walk away

always richer

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