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  • Gary Hunter

Thirteen Ways to look at Poetry - after Wallace Stevens (Sept. 26, 2021)

I enjoy a poem that finishes like a friend knocking on my door

a good poem is the rare creature that lets you touch it

the thing about a poem, it’s neither seed or seedling, but the whole tree

standing there the moment you finish it

when you look at a poem, it’s the heart not the eyes that see it best

reclining in my rocking chair with an excellent poem, the fireplace almost lights itself

a poem can surprise like a convertible that pulls up and takes you somewhere you’ve never been

so many appetites we have, poetry feeds my deepest one

without wings or legs or even a body, a poem can lift you

I adore the sun though poetry also shines inside me, and a sunrise there

is like no other

writing a poem is more than making love to letters, the child born belongs to the world

thousands if not millions of poems out there, but how many put their arm around me and whisper something unforgettable?

if a poem were a dog it would lick more than your face

you can say, in general, poems are short, but good ones echo far beyond the last letter

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