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  • Gary Hunter

Letter to my Granddaughter Olivia (Summer Camp 2023) July 31, 2023

Peaches - you’ve got my number!

smart enough to catch my jokes

before they reach you and

fling them to the ground

I bet you’re having a ton of fun

In the sun so I just wanted

to give you a report card

of how I see you at eleven

you are pretty darn smart

also kind and helpful

you get an A for finding

the right words to say

of course you can be silly

and crazy curious emotional

sometimes quiet – I’ll give you the

normal kid’s B in those areas

I see wisdom that baffles me

a definite A+ lurks in those eyes

I sense they see a bigger picture

Know what others can’t see

I think you’ve already found

what took me many years to find

who you are inside your identity

learn to love it more and more

and if your future fans into two

three or a thousand paths

I am confident you’ll know

the way to happiness

when you get there

Love, Grandpa Gary

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