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Two Doves on a Wire - Sept. 30, 2023

Isn’t that Ray-Ray down there? Such a handsome one. I mean those tail feathers – soooo sleek, the way they glint in the sun. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

Well I have eyes on Orv. He winks at me over in Kevin’s backyard. We even brushed wings the other day going for the same seed. So embarrassing.

But you know looks can be deceiving. Men can be so two-faced. One minute you’re having a nice conversation and the next they’re sitting on top of you.

Oh look! There’s an opening on Gary’s waterfall. You take it Jo Anne. I’m really not that thirsty.

No No – you were here first Maureen and besides, I have better eyes to spot that new hawk who’s been hanging around. . . what’s his name?

Dex or Lex or something like that . . . Dorothea told me at lunch that he grabbed Anita the other day right in this spot. She and Bernard had only been together a year and a half. Feel for him, though I hear he’s already been tweeting suggestively around other ladies.

Well pluck my plumage! Look who just bullied his way into our spot. Ruth’s son, that creep, Glenford. What an inconsiderate twit!

You know what - Let’s head over to the new pond 4 houses down. Have you been there? It’s shaded so the water’s much cooler. And there’s this new guy I want you to meet. Just moved here from down valley. Roger I think is his name. The word is he’s looking for a new mate, and you’ve been single so long Maureen . . .

Oh, Jo Anne. You’re a granny who still wants to play mother! You know me. I turn men off. I say what I mean, and they interpret it as mean. What am I gonna do on a Saturday afternoon that’s not going over to Kevin’s for a little girly peck and gossip with Cathy?

Just sayin’ you need to get out more. Take a trip. Maybe a weekend up the coast to see your son, although I hear the scratching’s real good over at that dump in Indio.

Speaking of a dump, let’s go because I really gotta go! I think I’ll take aim at that Glen – teach him a lesson - if I’m as good a shot as I used to be.


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