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  • Gary Hunter

Wait Till I get There - May 5, 2023

I enjoy writing poems

Without a destination

Like a hike never taken

a wander into woods

Pointing out fragrant flora

Odd Fauna slippery rocks

some river’s hidden current

that I’m still floundering in

to make any story worthwhile

I’ve got to keep a promise

To the reader

I will have something to show you!

The destination could be a simple

Flip of a switch in a dark cave

A rare dusty thing brought to light

or as dramatic as a cliff jump

hooked to the parachute of a feeling

a fall down a rock face

covered in even rarer flowers

a glide across a rage of a river

and the gentlest nestle of a landing

unto the sand of a new world

yeah . . . that’s where this should end!


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