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  • Gary Hunter

What a found Shopping List in Palm Springs says - April 1, 2024

Milk – they’re wholesome    probably eat a good

            breakfast   might enjoy with cookies

            or to soothe caffeine’s bite


Apples and Bananas – more than wholesome

                                        aware of food groups

                                         fiber  watching their weight

balanced diet  doctor-approved

Sliced cheese/

Meat for sandwiches – ah  tourists  probably American

  looking for quick lunches to get

  back out and bleary the eyes

  and weary the legs to catch it all


Coffee (small) – they won’t be here long  four  five

          maybe seven days  whirlwind shopping

         or visiting friends   perhaps golfing and hiking   

          eating out   and probably way too much


Artichoke – finally the quirky reveal  this item

                       sets them apart   an individuality that

  forged a career that thrives in the world

  that saved the money that picked the vacation

  that melts the butter   dips the artichoke

   and slowly and a bit sadly

  relishes the very last bite

  of a perfect getaway 


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