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  • Gary Hunter

Your Poems might need some Meat - June 17, 2023

I thought gosh is that true?

after all my last three poems were about

grasshoppers a waterfall and a mango tree

maybe they have gotten too

vegetarian soup and consommé

1st courses which slide down easy

nutritionally sound but lacking

satisfaction nothing that hits the spot

or teeth can sink into

poetic meat is just that

the best cuts of emotion cooked

a thousand different ways right?

yesterday saw something bleeding

and never pursued but remember

where it was last so maybe I’ll go back

with my penknife and some paper

to wrap it in have this poet over

prepare it some new way

serve it without any distracting

side dishes or dessert and listen

to his comment as he leaves

maybe I should leave farming

behind and become a hunter

or what a mercenary?

I could get some excellent

off-the-grid kills with that career

mount trophy poems all over the house

but all sarcasm aside

it wouldn’t hurt me to add

a little beef to the broth


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