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  • Gary Hunter

1st Degree Poems - July 10, 2023

some poets will wait

at dawn on the back porch

for the sun to blush

the beginning of day

some will pause cliffside to a canyon

at a waterfall in its crashing pool

or on a dark forest path

in the cool of midday

others like waiting on a cloudy night

for a peek-a-boo moon

then sit by a cozy fire

and drink the burn from a bottle

everyone has their perch or place

for scripting poetry ready for

the sound of a crushed leaf

watch the flushed thing take flight

and begin to write

although every once in awhile

something crashes into the poet

knocks them down

gashes or cuts

and then none of us

has any choice but to

thread their pens and

immediately start closing

those first-degree wounds


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